Pizza with The Gourmet Specialists

Pizza with The Gourmet Specialists

Pizza and balsamic, right? It’s the kind of thing you have when you go to a fancy restaurant. Well, you don’t have to now as you can create this exceptional meal at home, yourself, easily!


Pizza base (or make your own using your favourite recipe)
Tomato base (passata or a pizza base, from the shops or made using your favourite recipe)
Cherry Tomatoes
Rocket (arugula)
Good quality deli meat
Cheese (we used mozzarella)
The Gourmet Specialists (we used Pear with this, but it would also be incredible with Classic or Fig)


  1. Cover your pizza base with the tomato base, and some cheese if you like.

  2. Cook your pizza base.

  3. Once the base is out of the oven, top with cheese, rocket, meat, cherry tomatoes and your favourite flavour from The Gourmet Specialists.

  4. OPTIONAL - place back in the oven to warm up, but you can simply eat it as it is now!